Classifications & Dues

Regular Members:
All contractors currently licensed by the California Contractors State License Board.
$ 264 Semi-annual dues

Associate Member:
Businesses or professional firms providing products and services to the construction industry.
$ 228 Semi-annual dues

Organizational Member:
Construction industry-related groups and associations who maintain an office in Sonoma, Mendocino or Lake County.
$ 144 Semi-annual dues

Student/Teacher Member:
Those persons attending high school or enrolled in college, university or trade school.
$ 25 Annual dues

Retired Member:
For all retired members with inactive licenses. Limited membership.
$ 25 Annual dues

Call (707) 542-9502 for details.

A Note About Membership Dues
Your initial dues payment does not give you a six-month membership in NCBE from the current month through next six months. Your initial dues payment includes payment for the rest of the half year (through June or December) and a credit toward your next semi-annual dues. You will receive a semi-annual billing for a half-year of membership in June and December, along with all other NCBE members. The credit portion of your initial dues payment will be credited toward your next semi-annual dues at that year’s dues rate. The balance owed for your next semi-annual dues (after application of the credit) must be paid in full within thirty days. There are no dues refunds.