North Bay Construction Corps

Training The Next Generation of Construction Workers

The North Bay Construction Corps (NBCC) is an after-school, 3-month basic construction training program for seniors in their last semester of high school.  Classes are taught by local contractors and construction managers.  Participants are introduced to a variety of trades and earn certifications in  Personal Protective Equipment and CPR/First Aid.

Each meeting is led by a contractor or tradesperson who presents information about his/her particular trade and then leads students through a hands-on skill-building activity. There is a strong focus on safety awareness at each meeting.

The Corps meets Saturdays from 8 AM to 4 PM in April and May. The Corps finishes with a two-week paid internship for 18-year-old students, or a two-week boot camp for 17-year-old students in June. Students who successfully complete Boot Camp will earn a $750 trade scholarship working on a real construction project.  Every year, nearly all Corps members who want to work in construction are offered a job at the graduation ceremony and interview event on the last day of Boot Camp.

A special thank you to our amazing industry partners and funders whose support makes NBCC possible. 

For additional information, contact:

Nicollette Weinzveg

(707) 542-9502 /

A program founded and supported by the Career Technical Education Foundation, North Coast Builders Exchange and Sonoma County Office of Education.