The NCBE Building Tech Education Committee has been working on design and content of our Green Building Education Center (GBEC) for some time. It has been the primary goal of the committee with much effort from many volunteers.

The goal of the GBEC is to provide information on green building definitions, technique, systems, programs, and science to our membership and the community.

Phase 1 – Construction Sponsorships are available for:

  • Booths
  • Exhibit Walls A & B
  • Exhibit Roofs A & B


Founders Board Sponsorship

Founders Board Sponsorship

A Founders Board will be displayed in the NCBE lobby, it will list all Phase 1 sponsors.
To be listed on the Founders Board you must do one or more of the following:

  • Donate materials or labor for the build out
  • Donate machinery/equipment for the exhibit walls/roofs
  • Donation of minimum of $100 cash.

Founders will also be thanked and listed in the Building News and on NCBE member sponsors and Community sponsors accepted.

Booth Sponsorship (Annual)

Booth Sponsorship (Annual)

Sponsorship of a booth or partial booth includes: Provision of equipment/materials for booth (includes storyboard to describe the technology or system).

  • Must be a NCBE member in good standing
  • Sponsoring Company name will be displayed on booth and/or storyboard
  • Must focus on the educational aspect rather than sales

To maintain the integrity of the GBEC, Booth sponsorships will be approved by the Green Building Editorial Committee. Booth materials may be rotated every six months depending on demand, or change in technology.

Tiered Sponsorships (Annual)

Tiered Sponsorships (Annual)

Platinum — $1,000 or greater

  • VIP Grand Opening and tour
  • Name in GBEC “Welcome” pamphlet
  • Recognition in Building News and online as “Platinum” sponsor

Gold — $500 – $999

  • Name in GBEC “Welcome” pamphlet
  • Recognition in Building News and online as “Gold” sponsor

Silver — $250 – $499

  • Recognition in Building News and online as “Silver” sponsor

All Tiered Sponsorships are cash donations and can not be billed to your NCBE account. We do accept the following credit cards, VISA, MasterCard and American Express. For more information about sponsorships, please contact Hallie Fraser, NCBE Green Building Coordinator (707) 542-9502.

Green Building Education Center – Sponsorship Interest Form