Written Program Templates

NCBE provides safety-related services to our membership (at no additional cost) as follows:

Cal/OSHA requires that certain programs are in writing depending on the number of employees in your organization, the following are required:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
  • Code of Safe Practices
  • Heat Illness Prevention Program
  • Emergency Medical Services Plan
  • Hazard Communication
  • Fire Prevention Plan (greater than 10 employees)
  • Emergency Action Plan (greater than 10 employees)

Additional written programs may be required depending on the operations of your company and may include: Fall Protection Plan, Respiratory Protection Program, Confined Space Program, Lockout/Blockout Program, etc. We also can provide numerous forms/checklists to help you document and comply with Cal/OSHA such as inspection checklists, forklift inspections, ladder inspections, accident investigation form, etc. If we don’t have it, we can find it or create it for you.

NCBE Office

NCBE Workers’ Comp & Safety Director for additional information
(707) 542-9502

Tailgate Safety

Tailgate safety meetings are required to be held every 10 working days. Under the tailgate drop down you will find 90 tailgate safety meeting topics in both English and Spanish along with a listing of additional resources you can find online. Login to view Tailgate Topics here.

Consultation Services

We can provide multiple levels of assistance depending on the needs of your organization including:

  • Assessment of current safety program (written programs, training, etc.)
  • Provide written program templates (see 1) above)
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Confidential jobsite inspections with written recommendations
  • Training assistance (tailgate topics, specific topics, written programs, etc.)


NCBE provides safety-related seminars and workshops at a reduced cost for our membership, including: CPR/First Aid (every two months), Forklift Operator training, Cal/OSHA compliance, Fall Protection, Confined Space Training, Scaffolding Training, and more.

Articles in Building News and This Month Publications

Various articles regarding Cal/OSHA regulations and compliance and workers’ comp are provided on a regular basis. The intent is to update our membership regarding changes to regulations, new regulations, and providing general information regarding safety in the workplace.

We provide State/Federal all-in-one posters to make it easy for you to comply with posting requirements.