Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors

By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.

There are ‘degrees’ of value in a contractor claiming credit toward experience. Another contractor discovers good news that takes a turn for the worse, depending on his choices. While CA has license reciprocity with some other states it’s not a completely free ride as there are still ‘hoops’ to jump through…


Q: I am applying for a new license and there is a question on the application regarding education. I obtained several degrees outside of the US. The application states that if you answer ‘yes’ to the education question, you are required to attach the transcripts. They are going to be difficult for me obtain. Is this really necessary?
A: Only if you are looking for credit in lieu of work experience, but if you are showing at least four years of work experience, no need to go to the trouble to obtain the transcripts.


Q: Can I reactivate my license if it expired in 2021? Thanks for your assistance.
A: Yes! You have five years from the time a license expires to renew it. I looked up your license and your Bond and Worker’s Comp have both (obviously) expired as well so you would need to provide a new Bond and proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance if you have employees. Also, I noticed that you are currently the Responsible Managing Employee (RME) for a corporate license. The CSLB will not allow you to renew your
license on “active” status unless you disassociate from the company license you are Qualifying. An RME can only Qualify one active license at a time.


Q: I am finalizing my CA contractor’s license this week, I am scheduled to take the second exam tomorrow and the CSLB informed me the license would be issued shortly after that. Once I am officially licensed, can I immediately obtain my Arizona and Nevada licenses and not have to sit for the Trade exams?
A: Nevada requires that you are the Qualifying Individual for four years immediately preceding the submittal of your application in one of the reciprocal states in order to qualifyfor a Waiver of the Trade exam. But you will be able to immediately apply for an AZ license and be granted a Waiver of the equivalent trade exam. You would still need to complete their online Statutes and Rules training course.

Q: I am going to arbitration with one of my customers. This is the first time I’ve had to go through this process and I’m wondering if this is going to affect my license. Will it be public information or “red flagged” when anyone looks up my license?
A: Arbitrations are not listed on your contractor’s license when the public looks it up, unless you do not comply with the terms of the arbitration.


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