Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors

By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.

Knowledge is how we cut red tape, see for yourself at where previous contractor Q/A can be found. Keywords offer insight by topic. First, let’s ‘double down’ on a qualifier inquiry, while we also discover some contractor rules are unbending, often depending on the state you’re licensed in…  


Q: I’ve been reading through your Q&A articles and see that two related companies can share a Qualifier if the majority of the personnel on the licenses match between the two entities. Under the same provision, where the majority of the personnel are the same on two licenses, can we add the Qualifier of one of the licensees to the other licensee, and vice versa? So in the end, both licenses will have two Qualifiers on them?

A: No, there is no provision which allows you to have two qualifiers on one license both holding the same classification. Only one qualifier per classification is permitted on a license, and this is true across the board.


Q: I have had my license for some time and over the years I have had and taken the asbestos certification test and passed. I have an ASB certification attached to this license. In addition, I have had a DOSH registration for well over 5 years in the past. Since I have taken and passed the ASB and have the ASB certification on my current license, is there a way to obtain a Waiver for the new “C-22” certification? 

A: Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately, there is no way to waive the C22 exam, that is the hardest classification to obtain and the CSLB doesn’t bend on offering Waivers for the Trade exam based on passing the ASB certification exam. To qualify for the “C-22” classification, you are required to provide experience, proof of OSHA refresher courses, employee rosters from DOSH showing your name listed there, and of course proof of registration with DOSH.


Q: Can we add the glazing classification to our NV license? I’m hoping we don’t need to re-file since the application process was pretty grueling last time around. 

A: Unfortunately, you cannot add classifications to your license in NV unless they are under the same category, i.e. you currently have a “C-15c” (Insulation) license so you can add any of the other sub-categories of the “C-15” to your license (“C-15a”, “C-15b”, etc). However, since the glazing license is a “C-8” license, you would be required to apply for a new license. Each separate classification requires a separate license in Nevada.


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