The North Coast Builders Exchange offers its members access to a state-of-the-art sophisticated new Plan Room through our partnership in Cal/BX. Cal/BX is comprised of NCBE and four other leading Builders Exchanges in California who united to provide this valuable service to our members.

Together, we created a Virtual Plan Room that provides:

  • State-wide bidding opportunities
  • Advanced search and filter features
  • Mobile-friendly functionality
  • STACK plan viewer integration
  • More than 10,000 private and public jobs out-to-bid each year

The cost to NCBE members is only $111 every six months and it is a members-only service. A free trial is available for anyone who would like to take our VPR on a ‘test drive.’

THERE IS NO CHARGE OR COST to Public Agencies, Private Project Owners, Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors to place their project plans in the NCBE plan room. Project plans placed in the NCBE Plan Room help insure owners that their project will receive the maximum exposure possible, resulting in the lowest possible bids from responsible contractors and suppliers. The NCBE Select Plans Service also allows NCBE Members to bring projects to the plan room for viewing only by a select list of subcontractors and suppliers (without the project being advertised in Building News).